Soil and Rock Testing

Supported by a group of experience engineers and skillful technicians, the laboratory can provide various kind of soil and rock tests to government, consultants and other customers according to relevant standards and specifications. The laboratory uses the reliable techniques and fully automated and high precision equipment to carry out all tests. All data processing is computerized in order to ensure the accuracy of test results.
Major tests are:

  • Soil sampling and sample preparation
  • Moisture content determination
  • Bulk density of soil
  • Relative density of soil particles
  • Particle size analyses
  • Liquid limit and plastic limit
  • Compaction test
  • California Bearing Ratio test*
  • Relative compaction test
  • Permeability test*
  • One-dimensional consolidation test*
  • Rowe cell consolidation test*
  • Unconfined compression test*
  • Triaxial tests*
  • Direct shear test*
  • Van shear test*
  • Linear shrinkage test&
  • Linear swelling test*
  • Bulk density of rock*
  • Moisture content determination of rock*
  • Porosity of rock*
  • Sound velocity test of rock*
  • Unconfined compression test on rock*
  • Point load test*
  • Rock joint shear test*
  • Elastic modulus and Poisson ratio of rock*
  • And more...

Remarks: * Non-HOKLAS accredited test
The laboratory can also provide consulting and special testing services on request…

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