Equipment Trading Services

The Equipment Trading Department focus on the development of technology measurement and testing equipment and conduct research to improve the usability, reliability and for laboratory operations in order to to improve the testing capabilities and achieve greater efficiency. The laboratory also provide the sales service of testing equipment and include but not limited to the following:

  • Computer networks for laboratory operations
  • Laboratory management system development
  • Special testing equipment design and development
  • Up-grade testing machine display and control system
  • Development of automatic testing system for soil tests
  • Development of automatic testing system for rock tests
  • Development of automatic measuring system for concrete cube dimension
  • Development of automatic testing system for plate loading and static loading
  • Development of testing for special properties of materials
  • Provide special testing equipment
  • Supply standard cube mould and compacting bar
  • Supply slump cone, flow table and tamping rod
  • Supply cement sampler and scoop for fresh concrete and aggregate sampling
  • Supply capping machine
  • Supply cube dimension automatic measuring machine
  • Supply vibration table
  • Supply saw machine for concrete and rock core sample preparing
  • Supply grinding machine for concrete core and rock core
  • And more…

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