Provision of Steel Testing Services for the Public Works Laboratories - 2019 Package 4 (Term Contract)
16 July, 2020
MINSEN Testing has been awarded the CEDD Contract No.: GE/2019/27 - Provision of laboratory testing services for steel materials, including steel reinforcing bars, structural steel sections, steel connectors and steel fabrics.  The contract is commenced on 16 July for a period of 36 months.  Please refer to CEDD website for details. The samples for testing normally orginate from the public works projects in the designated area under this contract covering Tuen Mun and Lantau Island.
HKAS Extension of Scope of Accreditation for Construction Materials
7 April, 2020
To further expand our service to the industry, our Laboratory applied for extension of scope of accreditation for cover more physical tests including site tests under the Test Category of Construction Materials.  Assessment by HKAS assessors was conducted in December 2019 and notification for the accredited tests was granted on 1 April 2020.  MINSEN can now service the construction industry with HOKLAS endorsed reports issued for concrete and reinforcing steel tests. Click here for the HOKLAS Scope of Accreditation.  
ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Training
25 January, 2020
Training course tailored for enhancing the existing internal auditor with the up-to-date knowledge and technique on internal auditing work regarding to the latest ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and HKAS PD001 requirements was held on 20 January 2020 in our office.  This course has attracted more than 20 participants from laboratories and also consultants.  This course is a Hong Kong Institution of Certified Auditor (HKICA) approved course and CPD certificate was issued to participants who have passed the end of course assessment.  
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